Don't let sugar dictate your life. Learn about real cases of people where health is not just a goal; it's a lifestyle.


With these pills my parameters have been stabilized, my glucose level has been reduced at excellent levels, my wounds are healing faster from my amputated leg.....Lucas Hinojosa, many years a diabetic with one amputated leg.

Lucas Hinojosa

Independent Contractor

My son Daniel, age 13 began taking the pills and they have helped stabilize sugar levels, we were having ups and downs and he is now stabilized. We are very happy with the product.

Hector Salazar

professional engineer

I have diabetes type1 and have had to drop out of high school  years ago because of what I was going through with my sickness, sick all the time and exhausted, after receiving these pills, even when I was skeptical at first, they have made such a difference, able to sleep again, they  have honestly improved my life.


Swedish, 21 years old

I started taking this supplement, I started feeling much more energy, some of my diabetes medicines leave me without energy and this pills have made a difference.

Hugo Gutierrez

46 years old,  diabetic type 2, professional

I was not able to work anymore due to my lack of energy and strength, feeling sick all the time, after taking these pills I have felt energetic and well, I have returned to work and I am very happy with them

Juan Sanchez

55 years old, diabetic type 2

After 3 weeks of taking this supplement my glucose readings diminished in an important way, feeling more energetic.

Carlos Cobos

Male, 60 years old, diabetic type 2

Suffered from open lacerations, “since taking this supplement two years ago, they have vanished, and my energy and parameters have been in order".

Driver of Joel Zorrilla

prominent investor, diabetic type 2

I stopped working because I felt very tired and weak, after 3 weeks taking this pills I regained my strength and have gone back to work.

Crescencio Martinez

labor worker, diabetic type 2

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  • Case 1

    Meet Jim P., a mid-50s male from the USA, who, despite poor health habits, experienced a remarkable turnaround in blood sugar levels after six weeks of taking GDF24. Scheduled for his yearly physical, Jim anticipated unfavorable results due to his lifestyle. To his surprise, while other parameters weren't ideal, his blood sugar levels were within the normal "healthy" range for the first time in years. Jim credits this positive change solely to the impact of GDF24, emphasizing its significant role in supporting blood sugar health.

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  • Case 2

    Meet Annely Eira, a high school-aged female from Sweden battling the challenges of Type 1 Diabetes. Despite her mother being a doctor and consulting specialists, Annely's health continued to decline, leading to depression and withdrawal from school. Upon discovering GDF24, recommended by her physician mother, Annely experienced a transformative shift within two weeks. Her energy returned, sleep normalized, and she reclaimed a "normal" life, highlighting the potential positive effects of GDF24 on symptoms associated with both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

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